Electronic Contract and Project Management Software

A powerful project and contract management software program should provide scheduling, resource management, and planning tools for contract and project managers that enable them to enter contract modifications, budgets, and schedules, and track the progress of the project throughout its lifecycle. This new GCAS program will do all of that and moreā€¦

Maintain Contract Modifications and Project Budgets

Client demand and extensive research have combined to allow GCAS to develop a web-based contract and project management software platform known as eManage to complement its popular Government Cost Accounting System (GCAS) commercial product.

eManage will allow project managers to construct and maintain schedules and budgets of active projects and create proposals for new efforts. The contracts department can enter key contractual data, amendments and modifications. The software is intimately tied to the GCAS accounting system. It will enable a comparison between budget and actual expenses including Earned Value Management to determine the Estimated Cost to Complete and other key measures and metrics. Also included is a Risk Assessment module that allows the project manager to determine the likelihood of successfully completing the job on time and within the budget. eManage minimizes guesswork, produces more accurate forecasts, and ultimately improves the bottom line.

eManage is a web-enabled software program that is a companion to the GCAS Government Cost Accounting System software used by companies that do business with the federal government. eManage allows contract managers, project managers and project directors to track all contract-related information, budgets and project schedules. As the project progresses, new budgets and time-line schedules may evolve. Activity tasks and/or Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) can be constructed for detailed tracking. Various dynamic graphical presentation of status including Gantt and Milestone charts are used with budgets tied to events along the timeline.

Numerous reports are available including a comparison of the budgeted dollars and schedule to actual expenses along with achieved milestones. Data is dynamically pulled from the GCAS accounting system to show the real-time status of labor recorded against timecards; GL entries and calculated indirect expenses. Earned value reports give the estimate to complete, estimate at completion and other standard EVM metrics. The report information can be displayed in tabular or graphical formats.

Advanced features in eManage include resource loading and management; CPM; CCM; Earned Value calculation; and risk assessment and management. eManage is the tool project managers need to help control project costs and stay on schedule.

Other eManage Advantages

Like any other innovation, companies that have been using paper and ink in the past will be delighted to learn there is now a better way. No longer is there any chance of missing documentation. Redundant viewing among all parties involved minimizes errors and saves time. Contracts can now flow from the development stage to final execution and delivery with minimal error at a far faster rate than in the past.

Contact automation also significantly reduces the number and length of meetings tied to each project. All forms are updated routinely to comply with the constant changes in government cost accounting record keeping demands. There is less chance for errors and audits are expedited.

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