GCAS eExpense – The Intelligent Expense Tracking Software

eExpense is the most powerful and complete expense management software tool for Government contractors available today. It enables employees and management to enter and modify expense reports, at any time from any place in the world. The only requirement is access to the Internet.

Just some of the features of eExpense includes dropdowns for selection of:

  • Expense sources that tracks IRS mileage rates,
  • DOD per diem rates,
  • Invoice and other documentation attachment
  • Various expense types (including travel, entertainment, lodging, meals, material, service, or “other”)
  • Project ID and task association
  • Expense purpose description
  • Payment means
  • Supervisor approval

GCAS Integrated
As soon as the employee makes the appropriate entries, eExpense generates an Accounts Payable voucher that accounting staff can edit. This results in an Accounts Payable to the original employee who created the expense file. Any company credit card use and cash advances are deducted automatically.

A Password and PIN are required to access this unique expense management software. All transactions are encrypted and the user must adhere to validation checks and lists that are connected to the GCAS system.

Supervisory personnel can view, modify, and approve or deny any entry by any employee under their purview. While there is always the option to approve items line-by-line, the supervisor can also approve the form as a whole to save time. Furthermore, the supervisor can approve an entire group of staff members expense forms after reviewing the appropriate inputs.

With eExpense, you can be confident that your data is properly entered with the required documentation. Redundant checks ensure that supervisory personnel have verified and confirmed all expense claims. Mistakes are virtually eliminated reducing oversight expenses. No additional hardware is required and reliable compliance with today’s DOD specifications is assured.

GCAS eExpense is reliable, affordable, and available everywhere.

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