Inventory Management & Manufacturing Software

Fully integrated inventory management and manufacturing software solution that works directly with any SQL-based accounting system to provide an extremely powerful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) / Material Requirements Planning (MRP) tool at a competitive price.

iTMS Software

iTMS (inventory tracking and manufacturing system) is the preeminent model of production software used throughout the world today. It is primarily designed for small to medium businesses, though many larger companies find that it suits their needs better than more expensive alternatives.

Although iTMS was originally designed for engineering and fabrication firms, this software has developed a following throughout the entire manufacturing sector. This is because iTMS significantly improves quoting, job costing and production management. This Windows-based module seamlessly integrates with our flagship GCAS job cost accounting system as well as QuickBooks and MYOB , or any SQL-database compliant accounting system. The result is a complete ERP system.

iTMS Flow Chart

iTMS-GCAS- manufacturing software solutions

Our manufacturing software fully manages and controls the following functions:

  • Core Data – Client, Supplier and Work Center Management including attaching documents
  • Personnel Data – Employee Management of individual or group employee cost and charge out rates, including clock on/off function
  • Build and Inventory Data – Parts, Materials, Information, and Tracking including creation of Bills of Materials (BOM) from stock or non-stock inventory.
  • Quoting and Estimating – Bills of Materials (BOM) Conversion to Quotes. Use the “Quote Fast” window for super-fast BOM creation and price break estimating.
  • Ordering – Auto Sales and Production Orders Generation allows for sales and production orders to easily be created. Jobs and materials can be recorded and viewed in real time
  • Purchasing – Unlimited Purchase Order Creation. Convert request for quote (RFQ) into purchase orders in one click. This module also allows you to track outsourced operations.
  • Job Tracking and Costing – Job Ticket Creation provides up to the minute job tracking
  • Job Clocking – Labor Time Capturing per Job. Work floor clock on, clock off function for labor time capturing. Web-based PDA/iPad capturing can be used.
  • Scheduling – Production Planning and Forecasting. The “Auto Scheduling” function creates the best starting dates and schedules
  • Dispatching and Invoicing – Create invoices from dispatch dockets with no data entry. Then export data directly into the GCAS accounting module or any SQL-based accounting system such as MYOB and QuickBooks
  • Reporting – Custom Reports & Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Data Exchange – Direct Interface to SQL-Based Systems for Accounting and other Information
  • Laser & Plasma – DXF Reader for Quoting & Material Estimating
  • Quality Management – Assists with ISO Compliance
  • Point of Sale – Suitable for over the counter/check out sales and includes barcode scanning

Specific Module Details

The Core Business Management module is a centralized location for all operational data. All client, supplier and work center information is stored here. Current and historical records of all transactions, discount structures, and reports along with contract details and pricing status are accessed from a single location.

The Personnel Management module is the storage repository for all employees, ranging from upper management to production staff. OSHA specifications, security details, and workplace restrictions can be noted. Continuous tracking for start dates, transfers, and terminations are all stored and updated here.

The Quotes and Estimates module holds all historical quotes made to clients and allows easy access for updates. Implementation of quota acceptance and conversion into production orders is simplified. A professional presentation to all prospective clients demonstrates any company’s commitment to detail.

The Order and Job Management module enables the development of production orders from sales information. This application develops both client and production orders from the same source.

The Invoice and Accounts Management module generates billing statements directly from costing inputs. It maintains financial records along with sales and purchasing data and transfers them directly into the company accounting package. All sensitive financial details are isolated from non-credentialed staff.

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