Electronic Purchase Order Software

Allows staff, employees, and consultants to create Purchase Requisitions (PR) for desired items using a secure Question & Answer Wizard entry form on our web-based purchasing software platform.

Automate the Purchasing Effort to Save Time and Money with Our Purchasing Software

ePurchase is a web-enabled Purchase Requisition (PR) Form entry system that is a companion web module to the full GCAS Government Cost Accounting System. ePurchase allows company personnel and consultants to create PRs for desired items to be purchased using a secure Question & Answer Wizard entry form on the company’s web site.

The ePurchase web module uses simple, easy-to-understand, non-accounting terms to capture the information required for later generation of a Purchase Order. Valid responses for each entry are controlled by popup and dropdown windows.

When saved by the employee, the entered data automatically creates a copy of the created PR in the GCAS accounting system so that can later be edited/approved by supervisors, purchasing personnel, and/or accounting personnel. Within the GCAS accounting system the final approved Purchase Requisition is automatically converted to a Purchase Order for further processing by the purchasing department, and finally transmitted to the selected vendors to procure the desired items. The employee using the ePurchase module can verify all entries prior to submission for further approval and processing by supervisor, purchasing and accounting.

How to Use Purchase Requisition Software

The process of developing a purchase requisition is greatly simplified with the use of ePurchase. Data loss is virtually eliminated and duplicate orders will become obsolete!

  1. Anyone with the proper password and PIN can access the ePurchase system via the company’s web server from anywhere in the world.
  2. The online Q & A Wizard generates a PR number based upon the staff ID.
  3. A general description of the desired items to be purchased can be entered.
  4. Any items commonly or repeatedly ordered are displayed in the “Parts Master.” Details including typical quantity, expected price, and inspection or certification requirements are provided.
  5. Potential vendors are chosen from the GCAS accounting database or new vendors can be added by the employee in a freeform text mode for later incorporation into the list of vendors by the accounting department.
  6. From a list of advice options, the employee decides upon the criteria that Purchasing should use for pricing determination. Any purchase priced above the lowest bid must include an explanation.
  7. The desired delivery date is specified and multiple shipping schedules can be created if desired.
  8. Any unique requirements or purchase instructions such as certifications, government priority, special testing, priority, and shipping details are entered into the PR by the employee.
  9. The Wizard generates the completed purchase requisition.

Let Employees enter all the Data needed to Generate a PO with Our ePurchase Web Software.

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