GCAS eTimecard – Simple, Complete, Secure, and Compliant

The GCAS eTimecard system offers your company significant advantages over generic systems for tracking employee work time. Manual entry systems are obsolete and those using Excel require multiple crosschecks and are highly error prone. eTimecard excels well beyond common web-enabled timesheet software applications in use today:

  • Employees can enter time and local mileage information as it accrues
  • Each line entry contains dialog for the employee to record what was done
  • They have access to the system at any time, at any place throughout the world
  • Management can view employee entries and a timesheet report for specified personnel and projects in real time
  • DCAA compliance is assured by providing a detailed audit and approval trail
  • Files are transferred automatically into your GCAS database

Problems with late time reporting, illegible hand written entries, and delayed supervisory approval are gone. You will welcome the unimpeded transition from the employee’s time and travel entry stage to labor report printouts and ultimately, to client invoicing.

eTimecard timesheet software labor and mileage records are transmitted securely as part of the GCAS database suite. Integrity of the data is confirmed, as the software checks for valid correlation between projects, tasks, categories, departments, personnel, and pay periods. Supervisors can conveniently approve staff time and mileage entries at any time. Your central office can then disseminate all changes to designated users through a secure network.

Your productivity and bottom line will improve with the virtual elimination of data entry errors and duplications. Managerial decisions have immediate and detailed information. eTimecard timesheet software is a web application and can easily be installed and deployed.

DCAA Compliance
GCAS eTimecard timesheet software is fully DCAA compliant, which includes the timely entry of labor or mileage and an audit trail for any timecard modifications and supervisor approval. Any changes can be tracked showing values prior to and after the change. The audit trail displays all involved personnel including those who initiated any changes, those who approve them, and the dates of the entries.

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