Cost Accounting Software

The GCAS Job Cost system is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the small business government contractor as well as accounting firms with clients performing government-oriented or project-oriented contracts.

Why pay 10 to 100 times more for the same job cost accounting capabilities? Experience significant cost savings as you better control operating costs, increase labor efficiency, support DCAA audits, monitor company cash flow, and effectively manage individual project costs. Learn more…


Inventory Tracking & Manufacturing

Fully integrated inventory management and manufacturing software that works directly with any SQL-based accounting system to provide an extremely powerful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) / Material Requirements Planning (MRP) tool.

Originally designed for engineering and fabrication firms, this software has developed a following throughout the entire manufacturing sector. ITMS significantly improves quoting, job costing and production management. Learn more…


Time Management Software

Employee, contractor vendors, and consultants can enter their time, expenses and even purchase requisitions from anywhere in the world via a direct web link to the GCAS time management software. Contract and project managers can construct budgets and schedules, perform inventory management, monitor actual project expenses versus budgeted values, and enter contract modifications on-line through our project management and time management software. Contact us today to Learn more…