Browse Through a Variety of ERP Software Packages


Government Cost Accounting System (GCAS)

An integrated, easy-to-use government job cost accounting system that includes segregation of unallowable costs, automatic calculation of indirect burdening rates, indirect cost allocation over multiple bases, labor distribution to projects, and performs all basic and government job cost accounting functions. GCAS provides detailed tracking of actual expenses for every contract.

The Most Effective Manufacturing Software (OPTO)

Fully integrated manufacturing software package that works directly with any SQL-based accounting system to provide an extremely powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool at a competitive price. This manufacturing software offers client and supplier records, tracks purchases and deliveries by suppliers, and offers calendar functions for date ranges.


Electronic Project Management Software (eManage)

A powerful project/contract management, scheduling, resource management, and planning system for use by contract and project managers for entering contract modifications, budgets, and schedules directly into the accounting system and for monitoring actual expenses versus plan, including earned value management (EVM).

Electronic Expense (eExpense)

Online, real-time recording of travel and other expenses directly into the GCAS system via a web link. Includes government per-diem rates and ceilings, IRS mileage for easy calculation of expense forms. We are your source for expense, manufacturing, and project management software.


Electronic Purchasing (ePurchase)

Allows staff employees and consultants to create purchase requisitions (PR) for desired items using a secure question & answer wizard entry form on the company’s web site. The PR is automatically used as a template for a purchase order in the GCAS system.

Electronic Timesheet Software (eTimecard)

Allows staff employees and consultants to enter time and local mileage directly into the GCAS timesheet software via a web link. Contact us today to learn more about our timesheet software solutions