Corrosion Expert Tool

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GCAS created a Corrosion Expert System (CES) for the US Army TACOM. CES is used in automotive and truck vehicle design (as well as at maintenance depots and logistic commands) for identifying design problems leading to corrosion. The final design concept utilizes embedded autonomous agents in commercial CAD systems that alert the designer of bad design decisions. CES is a hybrid expert system in that it utilizes a Bayesian Network as the basic statistical method for propagating uncertainty in the expert design rules as well as a rule-based production system using the Jess Rete algorithm to supply evidence to the root nodes of the Bayesian Network. Included in the CES architecture is a Knowledge Acquisition Facility to permit the Subject Matter Experts the ability to enter their knowledge directly into the knowledge base and create rules for the Rule-Based Production System, including likelihood estimates between nodes in the Bayesian Network.